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Velocity – Get Ready to Accelerate

Niche, the marketing club of IMNU, organized their second calendar event, Velocity on 29th September, 2015. The event came right on the heels of the completion of the first trimester which proved to be a welcome relief from the stressful weeks of exams. The fun filled event combined marketing strategies and techniques along with speed and capability to think fast. The event was sponsored by Shakesphere and Bellezza.

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The competition got an overwhelming response and the marketing club modernized itself by introducing QR codes as a means for registrations. The event consisted of 3 rounds. The first round was a quiz round consisting of 25 questions. Jumbled screenshots of advertisements were shown to each of the teams and they had to identify the product and its parent company. The consecutive round was a pan campus round which tested the participants speed and awareness. The teams had to collect logos by sketching the imprint of logos on paper. Both these rounds were eliminator rounds. The teams which qualified to the last and final round had to build a “dream city”. This round sought to test the participants’ creativity, negotiation skills and capability to implement marketing strategies. The teams were required to buy or sell assets they were provided with and build their dream city. The first prize went to team The Usual Suspects and the runners up was Edge Runners.

The club has also organized fillers in between the rounds in form of questions related to headquarters of different companies and identification of cities. These quirky activities kept the audience engaged throughout the event as well.

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