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Tantrums – 30th September, 2015

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Tantrums was a mind event organized by Fine$$e-The Finance Club of IMNU on 30th September, 2015. It was the second event of the year by Fine$$e. A total of 49 teams, each of 3 persons, took part in the event. The event was held in 3 rounds. The first round consisted of general knowledge and logical reasoning questions to be answered in the given allotted time. After the round, the top 12 teams were selected for the next round. The next round was a very interesting one, called ‘Bhaag Nirma Bhaag’. In this round, the teams were instructed to reach a location from the starting point, where they were given the choice of selecting products from the given range, each having cost and profit attached to it. From the products selected by each member of the group, the teams had to decide on the final products from which they could make maximum profit. They were given limited budget for selecting the products. Top 6 teams having the maximum profits eventually went through to next round. The next round was related to stocks. In this round, all the teams were given the closing prices of various stocks on previous day as well as various business news of the day. Now they had to predict the closing price of the stocks on next day, given a limited budget. They had to distribute the given budget equally among 5 different stocks. After that, their predicted prices were compared to the original closing prices of the stocks on that day. The teams earning the maximum profits would get the nod. Team ‘ASAP’ of Ayush Agrawal, Zeel Mehta, Bhargav was declared the winners of the event. Then team ‘SSR’ of Sanmay, Sahil and Rahul was the first runner-up. And team ‘Drums’ of Parakh Gupta, Kushagra Jain and Harinder Kour was the second runner-up. Fine$$e awarded various prizes to the winning teams. The winners were given a cooling pad and a mouse to each member of the team. The first runners up got a set of speakers. The event was sponsored by Tazza Pizza, Lounge 9, Cafe Chokolade, and Cookie Man.

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