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Ganesh Chaturthi, 2015


Auspicious festivals are not a scarcity in a country like India but the fervor with which Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated here, is unmatched. As the first trimester of the academic year at IMNU came to an end, the students were greatly relieved amidst ongoing exams as they got a chance to rid themselves of exam stress.

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Cultural Committee made huge efforts in the midst of the exams to make everything top-notch. The Ganpati idol arrived in the campus on 17th of September. On the 23rd, after a week full of divine and joyous experience Ganesh Ji bid adieu for the current year. Visarjan saw a huge crowd of enthused youngsters with excitement for the event. The procession began its way-out of the campus and down the street to the lake, all the while dancing, singing and playing with gulaal, their loud chants of “Ganpati Bappa Morya!” reflecting their enthusiasm. The humongous congregation drenched in pink and it was a sight to watch under the fading sun as their echoes dyed out in the evening light.

The exuberance and positivity that ‘bappa’ left with us has made everyone’s heart say “Agle Baras tu jaldi aa!”.

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Content Courtesy: Media Committee

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti

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