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Anveshan 3.0


The ANVESHAN 3.0 event was conducted by the official quiz club of IMNU, XQuizIT. It was also a platform for members of XQuizIT to get the feel of organizing a quiz from scratch and see the final result of their hard work. In the preliminary test, teams consisting of two members each were given 30 questions in 20 minutes. The top 6 teams advanced into the finals.
The final was divided into 3 rounds. The 1st and the 2nd round was the Connect round in which the contestants were given visuals and were asked to identify the common link between different pictures. The 3rd and the final round was the rapid fire round where the teams were given 30 seconds to answer 6 questions.

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The final was fought with great enthusiasm between the 6 finalists with the team Fire hawkers maintaining a huge lead for most of the final. The 2nd round with the negative marking of -25 points for wrong answer played spoil sport and disturbed the scoring of most of the teams. In the end the Team Fire hawkers emerged as the champions. Every participant was given a complimentary coupon while the Top 6 teams were given vouchers by Kabhi B – the title sponsors.

The final round showed why quizzing can be fun and why knowledge is power.
Champions: Team Fire Hawkers
1st Runner’s up: Team Eastern Duo
2nd Runner’s up: Team Maverick

(Content Courtesy: Media Committee; Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti)

Read all about last year’s event here!

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