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Tatva 2.0

News Junction brought to us a fun event about news and general awareness: Tatva 2.0. The event took place on Tuesday, 8th September 2015.

It consisted of various interesting rounds and exposure to information.  The first round consisted of rapid news-reading followed by a crossword puzzle with clues from the former reading. For tired minds after five lectures on a Tuesday evening, this was quite the task! The refreshing part was the next round, which consisted of News Junction’s own version of ‘Puchho to Jaaney’; where participants were to recognize voices of movie celebrities for chocolates and historically famous people for points! The aggregate of scores of the first two rounds landed the top 5 teams in the final round.


Here, the teams were given a topic each (international, national, politics, business and sports) and they had to form four questions along with answers. After verification of these questions by the organizers, the teams had to ask these questions to each team in random order. Differentiating marks were given to the answering team on getting the correct answer as well as to the questioning team if teams were unable to answer the question.


The winners of the event were Team KLASH with Kritik Rohra and Ritvik Srivastava who were awarded Flipkart gift vouchers. Runners-up were Team Blender’s Pride with Shivam Joshi and Durga Prasad Mishra and Team Maverick with Abhishek Saini and Rahul Vyas.

(Content Courtesy: Media Committe; Photo Courtesy:News Junction )

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