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Institute Lecture Series

The institute lecture series was held on Wednesday, 9th September, 2015. The guest for the lecture was Mr. Harry Jose, the head of marketing at Infosys, BPO. Mr. Jose delivered the lecture on the topic “Humbleness of Digital Marketing”.


Mr. Jose opened the lecture with a light hearted dialogue, saying, “13 years back I used to sit in one of those rows, usually the top row.” He began with an introduction of Infosys, BPO and moved on to define how marketing is an important function in the digital age. He educated the audience on how two way communication and smarter information systems are the main factors leading to the increasing boom of digital marketing. He spoke about different dimensions of digital marketing such as add operations, real-time bidding and display advertisements. He further talked about how ten years back the marketing department of any company never actually needed to interact with customers as there wasn’t any real customer at the other end. The present scenario is however vastly different as customers are becoming increasingly informed and are actually talking back. Hence, the need of the hour is digital marketing.


Mr. Jose concluded the lecture by saying that in today’s world the customer is becoming smarter than the marketer and is becoming increasingly able to pick up more information than the marketer intends to send out. As a result, the target of marketing is shifting from a heterogeneous group to each individual.  In addition to enlightening the audience about digital marketing, he also kept the lecture alive with his humorous one-liners and by encouraging follow-up questions from the students.

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(Content Courtesy: Media Committee, Photo Courtesy: Media Committee)

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