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The Showdown – Boundless Fun

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On Wednesday, the 26th of August, Nirma observed the first calendar event of Expressions – the Showdown! To provide a refreshing change from the tedium of quizzes and in-semesters, the Fun Club of IMNU organized the Ultimate Fun event, distinct from any form of academics.

The event consisted of three rounds, the first of which was Kabaddi, in which all five divisions participated with their best players playing to capacity. Divisions A, B, C and FB proceeded to the second round. This was an innovative round which had the players write their classmates’ names on balloons with the objective being to write as many as possible. This was immensely enjoyed by everyone as they competed to recall and jot down the names of all their classmates. This took divisions C and FB to the ultimate round of Treasure Hunt, which had them running around the campus for clues, while (ironically) looking clueless. Section C won the event and got a very generous gift of passes to a pool party at the Whistling Meadows.

All in all, it was a very entertaining event with Expressions bringing smiles to everyone’s faces.

(Content Courtesy: Mediacomm, Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti)

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