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COPA ’15: Finish to perfection


The football extravaganza of Nirma,‘COPA ’15 ‘, began with a heart throbbing match between Beacons and Jr. C. Aakash Kamdar emerged as the key player for the Beacons with 2 goals and 1 assist. They won with the score line of 3-0. The next match was between Stallions and Jr. B. The highlight of the match was a magnificent corner kick by Bhim that put Stallions in 2-0 lead. But then Jr. B started to dominate and that paid off with Kshitij and Gaurav providing the final touches to level the match at 2-2. Ultimately Stallions came out victorious and headed to the next round. Evening match was between Nawaabz and Jr. FB. The final score line was read 3-0. Well it was indeed, a senior’s day.

The second day of the event started with a match between Achilleans and Jr. D. Thought the efforts put up by Jr. D wre commendable, Achilleans had a clear win.Trishit and Smit scored a goal each to give Achilleans a green signal for the next round. Then came the best game of the tournament. Daivats tried everything they could to wood work of Jr. A. but they could not. Such was the brilliance displayed by Jr. A goalkeeper Hammad that they denied seniors the victory right until the point of penalty shootout. However, the passion with which both the teams playedwas indeed hair raising.

Day 3 started with the eliminator match between Stallions and Daivats. Stallions’ defense was proved to be very strong for Daivats. But in penalty shootout  Daivats secured the semi-final spot.  The first of the semi finals was between Nawaabz and Achilleans.  Smit continued to show his expertise over the game and scored for his team to give them lead but one mistake from proved costly. Nawaabz found the equalizer through the penalty to leave the match a tie. Then, in the shootout, Aakash Shah proved himself a difficult catch and Nawaabz won the shootout 3-1 to become the first team to book the final spot.

The last day, as they call it, turned to be a real Cracker Jack. It begun with an early morning match between Daivats and Beacons.  Beacons were threatening at times, but Daivats were not at all ready to give up and they emerged as winners Then, immediately after that, it was time for the ‘Big Finals’ between Daivats and Nawaabz. It was indeed hard to tell who may win, as both the teams played with all their efforts. The match took a turn when a goal from Daivats was ruled as an off-side. With Nawaabz emerging as the winners,the celebration was not quite like Mario Gotze in World Cup final but still it was worth a watch. So, Nawaabz emerged as the Champions of COPA’15.

(Content Courtesy: Mediacomm, Photo Cortesy: Pratikirti)

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