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No, it was not the time for the NBA finals of the year but still the ‘talk of the town’ inside the campus was all about Basketball. It was the time to ‘Rise and Shoot’. It was time for ‘SLAM DUNK 2015’. The venue was not quite indoor like Miami heats, ‘American Airlines Arena’ but instead the picturesque basketball court of Nirma University.

Among the entire buzz, the inaugural day of the tournament was underway with the match between the girls of Jr. FB team and Daivats. Then in the second match of the day, Nawaabz absolutely hammered Achilleans with the score of 18-2. The next match was between the girls of Jr. D and Stallions. But unfortunately for Stallions, there was absolutely no match between them and the score line was 10-0 in the favour of Jr. D. The last match of day was between Stallions and Daivats. There was something to cheer for Stallions this time though as they take the match 15-8.

There was serious threat of rain disturbing the proceedings at the start of Day 2. But as if the clouds were too waiting for the action to begin, they cleared just in time. And the day started with the match between the girls of Jr. C and Nawaabz. And the royal Nawaabz reached home in absolute rampage fashion with score line reading 11-0. The second match was between Jr. D and Jr. FB boys. It was the closest match so far with match shifting in each quarter. In the end, Jr. D edged out with 12-10 led by outstanding performances of Shubham and Nikunj. The next match was between Jr. B and Jr. A boys or I would say between Anirudh and Jr. A as he single handily put his team over the line with the score of 19-4. The next match of the was between the girls of same two sections. Much like Australia in the Ashes, Eves of Sec A had done what its boys couldn’t. They dominated the match with the score line of 10-0. The last match of the day was between Jr. C and Beacons. It was a nail biter with both the teams scoring 16 points each in their allotted time. The shootout was also tied. Then the fate of the team was decided by 3 shoots given to each team. And Jr. C had their first win of the tournament.

Day 3 started with Beacons girls putting up impressive display against Achilleans with the score of 8-3. Saanvri was the star of the match for them scoring 6 of their 8 points. The next match was between Jr. D and Jr. C boys. The match worth a watch as both teams had their ups and downs during match. In the end it was Jr. D who came with triumphant colours with the score of 20-18. Up next was the girls’ eliminator between Jr. FB and Beacons. Jr. FB continued their impressive form by rousing the Beacons 8-0. Now, it was time for the semis. In the first boys’ semi-final, Nawaabz took on Stallions. The decisive moment of the match came during the last quarter when Stallions scored 6 points to turn the match upside down with the final score of 11-8 in their favor. The next was the girls semi-final between Jr. A and Jr. D. The Jr. A continued to mesmerize with some really good players among their ranks and defeated Jr. D with 8-2 to book their place in final.

The finals day had arrived and the atmosphere was electric on sidelines. The day started with girls Semi final between Jr. FB and Naawabz. It turned out to be a one-sided affair as Nawaabs outplayed Jr. FB girls with the score line of 8-0. After just few minutes, they again took the field against the girls of Sec. A to cross the last hurdle. And they did that in style as Sec. A had no answer for their seniors. The score line was 20-2 and Nawaabz girls were the champions. But excitement was far from over as the boys were next in line. Jr. B and Jr. D played out the second semi-final of boys. Buzzing with crowd behind them Jr. B haunted down Jr. D. In fine fashion. The score line reading 13-7. The final was between Jr. B and Stallions. And it turned out to be an absolute humdinger. The one that tournament richly deserved. There was nothing to chose between them at the end of allotted time as score tied at 5-5. Then in the fairytale ending to the tournament, Stallions took the shootout with the score of 1-0 and became the champions of ‘SLAM DUNK 2015’. The celebration of the Stallions was one to remember. In the end, it was a memorable tournament with crowd giving support to each and every match. Everyone rose and shooters shot!

(Content Courtesy: Mediacomm, Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti)

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