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Institute Lecture Series

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The Institute Lecture Series was held on Saturday 22nd August, 2015. Mr. Nihar Parikh, Director of Converge Solutions, was the guest for the series. Mr. Parikh, having a vast experience in Business-to-business marketing delivered a talk on ‘Digital Marketing’.

Mr. Parikh had delightful insights to share about how digital marketing is the need of the hour, due to short-lived consumer loyalty. Also he delivered on how different types of markets can use digital marketing strategies to boost their business. He had a lot of practical insights to share with us in form of quotes such as, “People do business with people they like” and “Don’t build links, build relationships”.
He discussed about the different activities under digital marketing vis a vis prospecting, backlinking, search engine optimization, social media, email campaigns. Some new concepts like click per impression and click per action also came out in the talk.
Mr. Parikh emphasized on the importance of SEO and  Google Adlinks with another quote, “If content is king,  conversion is queen” He also elaborated that aspects like selection of the correct channel, intensive competition, exploring data etc. can  challenge the marketing strategies.

He concluded by advising us to gain great amount of knowledge in the next couple of years. Also, his sincere advice for us was to choose a work profile that will ensure us great experience and skill building rather than one with a good package.

(Content Courtesy: Mediacomm, Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti)

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