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Break the Code!

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Optimus, the Operations Club conducted their first event for the current academic year – Break the Code.

The first round, ‘PehchanKaun’ was an elimination round where participants were shown 20 slides and were given 15 second to answer for each slide. Participants were required to identify the name of actors, name of TV series, flags, movies and famous personalities.

20 teams made it to the second round .The second round ‘Selfie le le re’, an innovative round where the contestants had to click selfies in different twisted ways. After this round, came the final Treasure Hunt!

Deciphering the clues for every subsequent location, the teams covered almost the entire IMNU campus. The entire event was an exercise for the grey cells. Finally the contestants were given complimentary drinks and food vouchers by sponsors Faasos and Cafekka.

Winner team Maze Runner received cash prize of Rs. 1500, 1st runner up Team Phoduuu received Rs. 1000 and 2nd runner up S.O.S. took home cash prize of Rs. 750.

(Content Courtesy: Mediacomm, Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti)

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