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Filmy Akhaada!

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Presenting to you the Akhaada of IMNU, Filmy Akhada from our very own Chehre club. It was the ultimate Akhaada for all the IMNU nautankis, complemented with a ring of sorts.

The event had two rounds and the first round consisted of dumb charades and Pictionary. Out of the three members in a team, one had to act out a movie while the other two had to guess. However, this was dumb charades with a twist as the person acting out the movie name had to constantly keep repeating a given word while acting. In the other part, a second team member had to convey the lyrics of a given song through drawn pictures. Both the movie and the song were assigned through a chit-pull system and the teams were given 80 seconds each to complete both the tasks.

The second round was “spin the wheel”. In this round, the qualified teams were made to stand just outside a web drawn on the ground. The web had five steps. One member from each team took turns in spinning the wheel. The tasks were written on the wheel and a team could either get two concrete tasks or three luck based tasks. Whenever a team performed a task correctly they had to take a step inside the circle. One of the concrete tasks had voice modulated dialogues and the team who got this task had to either identify the movie or the actors. The teams getting this task had to finish it within 30 seconds. In the second concrete task, a word was given to the team member and he had to make the rest of his team rightly guess the word either by using words related to the word given to him or by hand gestures. Acting, however, was not allowed. The time limit for this task was 40 seconds. The other three luck based tasks which the teams could get were “skip your turn”, “skip another team’s turn” or “swap with others”.  The team to reach the centre of the web first was declared the winner.

The winner was team “Tumse Na Ho Paaega” and runner up was team “Badmaash Company”. There was also an award for the team with best name which went to team “Lol-e-Nath”.

In addition to this, there was a fun competition “Nakalchi Bandar”, in which Nirmayans were inivited to create Dubsmash videos and send them to the official page of Chehre on Facebook, which were then later uploaded on the page. The dubsmash video with the highest number of likes would be declared the winner. After many videos and lots of demand for “likes”, the video created by Nibin Markose, Nidhal Firoze, Sumeet Sunaria, Shrey Modi, Shubham Kesarwani and Bhaven Pandya was declared as the winning one.

(Content Courtesy: Mediacomm, Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti)

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