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Junk to the Jewels

Swayam, The Entrepreneurship Club of IMNU, inaugurated its first event of the year; “Junk to Jewel”.

As the name indicates, Junk to Jewel was an event where recyclable trash was to be innovatively used to create a viable and saleable product. Fixed amount of material of their choice was provided to each student and 45 minutes were given to create the final product.

Almost 55 teams of 2 and 3 participants turned up for the event and created many beautiful and innovative products like pen stands, flower vases, paper stands,  purses, jewelry, mobile stand, wind chimes.

Some bizarre products also came out during the competition like a chess set and a shower tank.
The event was a multi learning competition that focused on creativity and resource management. Marketing skills and budget allotment skills were also tested in the process. All of this infused with pot loads of fun made the event interesting. Dhvani shah of STUDIO9 Architects and Rujul Vora, an innovator, were the judges for the event.

Team Avengers were announced winners for their product named “khatre ki ghanti”, an innovative burglar alarm system made from bottles and cans. Team Nek Chand were the runners-up with their product which was a portable table cum purse.

Winners were announced for two more categories namely ‘Most Visually Appealing Product’ which was awarded to Framers for their lantern from newspapers and ‘Most Futuristic Product’ which was awarded to Team Bone for their Selfie stand from thermocol.
All in all, it was a successful event stringed with fun and creativity.

Content Courtesy :Mediacomm    Photo courtesy : Pratikriti

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