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Brandwizer Event

Niche, the marketing club of IMNU conducted their first calendar event, Brandwizer on 30th July, 2015. This yearly event seeks to test the brand awareness of participants and comprised of two rounds this year. The event was sponsored by Shambhu’s Coffee, Attill and Yahoooo.

The event got an overwhelming response with 58 teams participating this year. The first round was an eliminator one in which each team had to answer 40 questions in 5 minutes. The questions ranged from unscrambling the names of various brands, to identifying logos and connecting picture clues to form brand names. In the second round, 15 teams were shortlisted out of the 58. In this round, the teams were given a chart paper with pictures of four celebrities on it. They were required to identify the brands those celebrities advertise and then branch it out to other celebrities that advertise the same brand. The teams could further branch it out to other brands that the secondary celebrities might advertise. A web had to be thus made and the team with the biggest web was declared the winner. The first prize went to team Irene and the runner up was team N4. The winners and runners up got gift vouchers from Attill, Shambhu’s and Flipkart.

There were also simultaneous small events held for the audience in which people had to name as many brands as they could in 20 seconds. Further, this year’s Brandwizer was made more lucrative as the first 20 teams to register were given gift vouchers.

Content Courtesy: Mediacomm , Photo Courtesy: Niche)

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