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Institute Lecture Series

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The first Lecture Series for current academic year was organised on 10th July, 2015. The speaker for the session, Mr. Umesh Krishnappa delivered lecture on the theme, “Business Excellence in product and Eco system creation”. He initiated the lecture by highlighting how adapting Business Excellence can help fulfill the dream of developing a ‘Make in India’ culture. Talking about implementation of product and platform development for establishing Business Excellence, he emphasized that there is an equal need of developing a suitable platform as is to develop a new product because a new platform when created,paves way for many new products and innovations. He then spoke how companies are coming up with concepts of ‘Green Manufacturing Plants’.

To guide the students he expressed the importance of values and that it is important to abide by values for long term sustenance. Talking about innovation, he highlighted that Research and Development is an imperative factor for growth of the industry and how Mahindra and Mahindra has been working on it.He then specified the meaning of word “Business Excellence” and key attributes required to attain it. He also explained nuances of product life cycle and the importance of Quality. He culminated the session by describing that achieving Business Excellence is imperative for any business to bring in new values and sustain for years.

(Content Courtesy:Media committee, Photo Courtesy:Pratikriti)

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