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Shubh Aarambh!

Hello Friends,

You have been here more than a week and feel more than welcome already. But a welcome is not a welcome unless it is an OFFICIAL welcome, right? And even when you get an official welcome, what’s the point if it isn’t sprayed across feeds and timelines and walls of people?

Though it has been some ten days at IMNU, your life at IMNU began long back and you were linked to us via all the social platforms. So a welcome on our first mode of interaction is a must…

IMNU 2015-17 this is your Official Social Media Welcome! (Yes the link will be shared on the Institute of Management, Nirma University Facebook page and our official IMNU_Ahmedabad Twitter account)

The acclimatisation period in the form of the induction programme is now over. Now begins a two-year long roller coaster ride. Yes MBA life at IMNU has its ups and downs. There are going to be great times, there are going to be tough times. Phases are going to be super-hectic and schedules will go haywire. You will be tried and tested. But you need not worry because it’s all part of the design. It is part of the bigger scheme of things, i.e., to prepare you for any challenges that may lie before you in the future. Consider these two years like the training Bruce Wayne went through to become The Batman.

These will be the most hectic, adrenalin-rushed, enjoyable couple of years that you people will go through. Make them count. You are here for a reason. Because you deserve this.

Be confident. Learn. Grow. Achieve. Be a Corporate Super Hero! 

Content Couresty:Atalant Nadkar


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