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Being Convocated!

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It was an occasion embracing the joy of a festival, surrounded with the enthusiasm of pride. 25th of April 2015, a memorable day for many of the fellow Nirmayan’s as they bid adieu to their two year journey of MBA. Yes it was the ‘Convocation Ceremony’. The 19th Convocation of Nirma University was celebrated with utmost happiness in the presence of Chief Guest Hon’ble Mr. Justice A.M. Ahmadi, former Chief Justice of India.

After welcoming the Chief Guest, Dr. K. K. Patel, President, Nirma University declared the convocation open. The students of the Institute of Management and Law received their degrees and along with them, 12 students from the Institute of Management, Pharmacy, Technology and Science were conferred the title of Doctor of Philosophy.

Students came up one after the other to live that moment of ‘Being Convocated’. Meanwhile, the family and friends of these students had that one-of-its-kind smile on their face. That smile of pride and exuberance. It was a rare moment, when having accomplished one of their dreams, the students headed towards achieving many other. They now have with them the precious learning and relations of last two years. There were lots of “We will meet soon” and “You will do great ahead”. No one knows what life may bring for them but undoubtedly, these two years will always be with them for their endeavors ahead.

Content Courtesy: Mediacomm

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