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Cross Roads….

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

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On the eve of 14th March 2015, we celebrated the new beginning of the lives of the 2013-15 batch. Following the tradition of IMNU, the junior batch said goodbye to their seniors and wished them luck for the journey ahead.

Every junior felt the sorrow of the moment. The seniors who have been guides, mentors, friends and sometimes also partner-in-crime for the juniors, are now on the journey outside the gates of IMNU. Every junior would agree that they have helped us in every bit and in every way along different phases of our MBA journey.All the juniors have tons of memories of their times with the seniors. They always stood as a guide, be it the guidance for stream selection or the guidance to nearest food joint. Undoubtedly, nothing would be the same, a few days from now. Be it the sports ground or the Student activity council, the mess or hum sab ka pyaara “RD”. There will be a void in everything.

However difficult may the Good Bye part be.We are extremely happy for all the seniors who are now moving ahead in their lives. And with all the love we had for them, we danced to the full that night. There were photographs taken allover to hold on as many moments as possible. The enthusiasm to wish luck for a new beginning was so much on everyone’s mind that even the Rain god wasn’t able to contain and yes it rained in March…..

(Content Courtesy: Abhinav Prakash, Photo Courtey: Cultcomm)

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