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Street Smart

Swayam-The Entrepreneurship club of IMNU  yet again came up with its flagship event “Street Smart“,a platform for the budding managers to invest,trade and earn.The event tested all the skills needed to be an MBA,be it marketing,financing and most importantly it tested ones entrepreneurship skills.

The three day event had a head start with a number of teams coming up with innovative ideas and B-plans.After a deep analysis,ten teams were shortlisted.Then began the battle of business.Participant teams approached and marketed their plans on both online as well as offline modes in a number of ways like Facebook publicity,posters,flyers,providing free samples.All of this added to the excitement people had for the event.

The event reached its climax,when the teams had an actual face off on grounds of the market.Richter ground of IMNU took a festive mood with the team members putting up all their efforts to grab every single customer.Considering the fact that the teams were being tested on different parameters ,winners were also declared along three lines.The winner for marketing was team”Bournvita Cafe“,where as the title for smart team was given to team “Nirma Pakodi Center“.The title for best team was given to  team”RAPS“.The event was a perfect blend of management learning coated with lots of fun.

(Content courtesy: Mediacomm; Photo courtesy: Swayam Club)


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