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Institute Lecture :Neuro Marketing in India

The Fourteenth Lecture series of the ongoing 2014-15 academic calendar was held on 23.01.2015 at the Institute of Management Auditorium 3.45pm onwards. Ms. Monita Ghoshal, Director – Nielsen Neuro, Mumbai graced us with her presence in this session chaired by Prof. Sapna Parashar. A very offbeat and emerging concept was the topic of the session – ‘Neuro-marketing in India’.

Neuro-marketing is a new field of marketing research that studies consumer’s ‘ sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to marketing stimuli. Ms. Ghoshal started the session  by introducing us to this basic concept of neuro-marketing before we could dlve deeper into a broad and complex topic like this. She also accentuated the need of such emerging research techniques to get more accurate and reliable results. Ms. Monita totally engaged and connected with the crowd as she initiated games related to the topic. She applied a funnel approach as she went from the broad and general discussions to more specific issues. She took us through the working of Nielsen Neuro, what they are expected to deliver to the client and how they go about to achieve it. Her impeccable oratory skills backed up by quality audio-visual aids made the presentation interactive and informative. The lecture ended with a candid Q&A session where domain specific questions were asked. Ms. Ghoshal also shared with us her career path which has led her to such an important position in such an emerging field.

(Content courtesy:Atalant Nadkar)

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