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Institute Lecture Series:Project management using MIS

Kaizen-The Alumni committee of IMNU organised the thirteenth Institute Lecture Series with Dr.Samir Shah,Associate Clinic Professor,LeBow College of Business,Drexel University as the speaker. Commencing the lecture,he specified what made an IT project successful and how ‘Project Management’ played a crucial role in it.He then acknowledged the students about how project management is required at each level,especially at personal level and how improper planning and hidden costs can hinder a project’s success.Throwing some light on the IT industry,he described how ‘blame game’ is a common concern,degrading performance in the industry as thrusting ones responsibilities on other is a whole lot easier in IT industry.To exemplify this,he gave the example of FBI’s controversial Virtual case on file project.

Further,he specified the importance of communication in any arena and advised students to not refrain from asking questions.He also mentioned correctly that a “Critique is the best stake holder” as he/she brings out the hidden best in you.Touching  upon the darker sides,he highlighted the ten prime reasons that many a times result in a project failure and challenges in offshore IT industry.He culminated the lecture by explaining how project management can be further glorified by implementing the concepts of Project groups.

(Content courtesy: Mediacomm)

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