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Institute Lecture Series: Creating Access to Quality Healthcare in India

Ninth institute lecture for the year 2014 was conducted on 18th of December with the theme Creating Access to Quality Healthcare in India’ .Mr Ragvendra Shenoy VP, Ethicon Surgical Care (a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson) graced the event by being the speaker for the session.

He started with the description of Tylenol crises, highlighting the fact that even a small errand can create huge loss for the company in healthcare system. He then talked about their mission of creating access to quality health care in middle India and how the company has been working on it to reach the untapped markets in developing countries, where there is still an acute scarcity of proper health care coverage in many areas. He also specified that such ‘mini hospitals’ formed the backbone of Indian healthcare systems due to advantage of proximity and cost.

Relating to the concepts of marketing, he added three more P’s, they have been using in their company, viz. Provider, Physician, Patient. A key statement, “People with passion, passion for people”, categorically described the business of the company.Students were then told about the factors that have contributed to company’s persistent success. These includes initiatives by the company like  a unique business model, coverage and distribution, sales force effectiveness, market appropriate innovation and professional education for hospital staff country wide. He also described company’s initiative to educate nursing home owners about hygiene and healthcare called ‘Panchayatra’.

Not only has the company been focusing on rural areas but has a firm hold on technology as well. This is evident from the new innovative products by Johnson & Johnson, that are turning extremely helpful in the field of healthcare like disposable gowns and medical accessories produced under the brand I-Safe, a live telecasting feature for surgery operations named Ace.

(Content courtesy: Namrata Bajaj)

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