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Battle Antakshari..

Team Fiesta came up with yet another fun filled musical evening with their event “Battle Antakshari. The magnetic event involved both the students as well as the faculties as participants.

The First round was a quiz round that revolved around Bollywood movies and songs. Top Four teams made it to the second round of the event. The next round was named as ‘Seedhe Saadhe akshar ‘.In this the participants had to sing a song with the ending letter of the previous song. The next round was ‘Atpate Se akshar’ in which the teams had to pick the last second letter from previous song and sing a song from that letter. After this the next round was ‘Shabd Jaane pehchaane’. Here the team had to pick a chit containing a word with which they had to sing a song which included that word in “mukhda” but were not allowed to sing a song starting from that word. This was followed by a similar round ‘Shuruat ho to aisi’. Next round was a tricky round “antara to mukhda round”. Members of the fiesta sang the antara of the song and the teams had to sing the mukhda of that song. The final round was a Buzzer Round. Synonymous to Fastest Finger First round of KBC, the teams had to identify the piece of the song played on orchestra and the one pressing the buzzer first was given the chance to sing that song.

The singers of IMNU mesmerized the audience with their performance. Team Fiesta kept the audience engaged by giving them the opportunity to identify the song and perform on stage in between the rounds. Students also danced on stage to the tunes of numbers like ‘Tune mari entryaan……’

Battle Antakshari was an event in which everyone enjoyed with as much fervour as the participants and the air of IMNU reverberated with the old classics and new hits of Bollywood.

(Content courtesy:Shikha Dasmana;Photo courtesy: Pratikriti

DSC_0168DSC_0176– the photography club

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