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Perspective|Richter 10

IMG_1211Come December and the arena of IMNU is filled with exuberance and joy. Reason being the annual management and cultural festival,Perspective|Richter 10.This time it was celebrated from December 4 to 6, 2014. A large number of participants from across different B-schools like IRMA, XISS, KJ Somaiya, Welingkar and others showed up. The event is truly an ultimate battle of brains and mettle.

The inaugural ceremony had  International motivational speaker and Entrepreneur Mr. Pawan G Agarwal, CEO – Mumbai Dabbawalas as the chief guest. He began the enlightening session by emphasizing on the importance of logistics. He enumerated the special features of the service of dabbawalas, which was 0% fuel,0% disputes,0% modern technology and yet 99.99% performance and 100% customer satisfaction.

The festival was a boulevard of a number of events of varied domains ,ensuring that there was an event for everyone.There was an event named Aamna Saamna, for testing the participant’s oratory skills. Pratiti, the quiz event, was conducted by famous quiz master ‘Bushan Patel’. Media Intelligence 360 degree,an event for those exhibiting interests in media and public relations was also conducted.On the other side,the event Bizzine. tested contestants on their skills of advertising. For the finance lovers, Quotient-F provided a platform to showcase their business innovative skills in a financial perspective.An entrepreneur event named Start up in 50k was also conducted,in which a business pre-plan was to be presented by the participants.

The afternoon session of the second day was taken by General V.P. Malik, Ex. Army Chief on ‘Leadership, Motivation and Innovation’. He enlightened the students with the five takes on leadership that will indeed turn helpful to all the students.He further emphasized on the need of character, values, ethics and discipline in life. He also talked about strategic awareness which includes geographical, social, politics, governance, technology and innovation. As the night rolled,the fun aspect barged in with Foot Loose,the inter college dance and singing competition.To put cherry to the cake, there was a heart throbbing performance by the Fiesta club of IMNU.

The last day of the festival started with the event named Toughest Game ever that gave the participants a head on challenging arena filled with thrill in the form of team based strategy games.For the lovers of food, Foodaholic invited participants to come up and show their cooking skills flavored with application of management. The photo-freaks found paradise in Pratibimb, with the theme ‘biodiversity’ the latent shutterbugs of students came out. The participants were taken to ‘Indroda nature park‘ of the city to experiment and enjoy their creativity.

After experiencing an exhaustive and incessant range of events toppled with exuberance,came the showstopper event,the EDM night.The members of India’s Youngest Band and Lavy band simply set the stage on fire with their mind blowing performances.Alas,Perspective|Richter 10, culminated with everyone dancing to the beats of DJ Dhruv. It was indeed an experience to be cherished for long.

(Content courtesy:Mediacomm;Photo Courtesy:Pratikriti-The Photography Club)

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