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Paint your Dreams!

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”                                                                                                                                  –Eleanor Roosevelt

The Cultural Committee of IMNU ,in collaboration with Saral – the NGO at IMNU conceptualized and gave shape to the event Paint Your Dreams: Where every dream is precious.As a part of it,around 320 kids from various NGOs of Ahmedabad like Sewa, Helpline Education, Visamo Kids, Apang Manav Mandal (for the handicapped children), Manav Sadhna and Saral were invited to the institute to come and spend a day here with the students.

The day started with a painting competition for the kids. The kids unleashed their hidden creative talents. While some chose to stick to the tried and tested ways ,many others went ahead with varied interpretations of the world around them. The theme of the painting competition was ‘Paint Your Dreams’ – a platform for the kids to express themselves and communicate their dreams through their drawings. The end result was a colourful array of sceneries and portraits showcasing innumerable dreams.

Post-lunch, the kids were treated to an exclusive screening of animated movies. Then, there was an auditorium session for the entertainment of kids. The session started with the sand animation show. Famous Vadodara based artist Mr.Nagesh Phulpagar mesmerized the audience with his talented performance. A magic show and puppet show was also organized for the children.Every child has a special dream and this event was a small initiative to help these underprivileged children cherish their treasured dreams.

(Content courtesy: Mediacomm; Photocourtesy: Mediacomm)


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