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Institute of Management, Nirma University, organised Arthoday 2014 – The Finance Conclave with the theme ‘Financial Sector- The Road Ahead’. The conclave focused on various happenings in the internal and external arenas of our economy accompanied with a new government at the Centre and how these would have a lot of significance on charting the road ahead.


Mr Phani Sekhar, Fund Manager, Angel Broking started the inaugural session by highlighting the challenges in mutual fund Industry with perspective of investors, distributors and regulators. Post this, Mr Rachit Raj, Equity Derivatives Trader at Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), Mumbai, enthusiastically started the second session with the theme “Learning from Dealer’s Desk”. He correctly mentioned that  “A good trader is someone who doesn’t know the answers to all the questions but asks the right questions to clients“.The third speaker for the day was, Mr.Arun Kumar Bansal, Treasury Head-Indian Bank, Ahmedabad. He spoke on Debt market in India and Govt. securities. Starting with a discussion on the evolution of Debt market and how it initially started with a fund based approach,he spoke on how debt market has today geared up its availability online.

Post-lunch, Mr.Sanjay Upadhyay, CFO at Deepak Nitrite discussed on the dynamics of risk in contemporary world. The last session for the day was graced by Mr Sawan Godiawala, Senior Director – Deloitte  who spoke about about M&A strategies and specified that it needs a lot of confidence to become a global player. Acquiring the competitor on high premium will allow increasing the margins of the company after acquisition.

The speakers of the conclave provided a perfect blend of financial knowledge with professional learning that would help the students in developing greater insights of the prevailing structure of our economy.

(Content and Photo Courtesy: Media Committee)

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