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Home coming…..

Happiness is standing on the same old path of your Alma-mater to see some old and many new faces….

Kaizen- The Alumni Committee of IMNU, vibrantly came up with its flagship event “Alumni Day”with the theme “Arabian Nights“. The alumni of IMNU, from various parts of the country, left their otherwise-busy-schedules and came up for this voyage to experience the reliving their student life.

On the other side of the table, there was a huge level of excitement amongst the students. After all, what could be a better time to ken the real time experiences and learning of the alumni that they underwent in the real world, which is quite different from the beauty and comfort of a student life. In addition to the invaluable guidance that alumni spread to the students,they provided the relish and joy of belonging by sharing the experiences of their life at IMNU.

The alumni literally relived their life at IMNU, in the very hostel rooms that served home to them for two years. The day encompassed an entire range of events starting from interactions and lunch. Then came the much awaited and mind boggling performances by students of the clubs -Fiesta and Chehre. The exuberant performances were followed by an equally energetic musical night. As the evening flowed,there was a friendly match between the students and alumni. The day culminated with a jamming session and lots of joy, quite visible in the faces of all. It was indeed a day, all the students and alumni would cherish in their heart for long.

(Content courtesy: Media Committee; Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti – The Photography Club)

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