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The Lord of Rannbhoomi….

Because the true joy of journey is in the journey itself….


Achilleans(Section A)

It was a week when breakfast was not just about bread jam and poha, but had people discussing, “What is to be done today?”, class room breaks didn’t have the students dozing as usual, but everyone was busy explaining what progress was made the day before, new mess was no longer a group-committee chat point but was more of a strategy defining point. The walls of mess transformed into canvas displaying the colorful and vivacious posters by the “Achilleans, Beacons, Stallions, Daivats and Nawaab”.Yes these were the names of the participant or should I say the warrior teams of the Rannbhoomi.


Beacons(Section B)

Rannbhoomi, the flagship event of Niche-The marketing club of IMNU, was once again organized with the same enthusiasm and spirit, it is famous for. The interclass competition was no less than a journey in itself, a journey that proved to be a platform for all the first year classes to come up and showcase their core competence and much important their unity.


Stallions(Section C)

What started with an online voting round in between the classes, yielding Stallions a very near victory,continued with incessant warfare and marketing both online and offline. The walls of IMNU group remained occupied by posts from different teams. Of these, the Lallan posts became a special attraction. The campus was itself a testimony to the latent exuberance of the students, with walls and lanes of the campus showcasing the posters and banners of all the teams.


Daivats(Section D)

Even the mess became a stage, where teams came up to dance, sing and also create some social awareness. Loaded with all these pre-events, came the final Day of Judgement, when the teams set fire to the stage with their mesmerizing performance one after the other. The brilliant performance by the students made the task of the judges utterly difficult.



Section-C aka Stallions were declared winners of Rannbhoomi-2014.However, there are few competitions in life where no one actually loses and Rannbhoomi was one such event. Everyone was a winner of the satisfaction and joy of collective performance.

(Content courtesy:Mediacomm ; Photo courtesy:Pratikriti club)

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