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Expressions Club of IMNU organized its flagship event ‘Roomies‘ was organized on 9th October, 2014 to check ones ‘compatibility quotient‘ with their room mates.

           In the first round, participants were asked to upload crazy selfies with their roommates and post it on facebook. The best picture was given a prize. On the competition day,teams were asked to dress in a similar fashion and the best dressed team was also awarded a prize. The main event consisted of two rounds basically intended to check their compatibility. In the first round the participants had to fill a questionnaire which had questions about the choices, hobbies and other such areas of interest about their roomies. The second round was planned in a way to judge their co-ordination and trust factor. One of the roomie was blindfolded and task had to be performed in which the other roomie guided his/her partner.

The event ended with two winning teams , a boy’s team and a girl’s team.Though there were only two winners,but the joy of togetherness cherished by all the participants made each one feel like a winner.

(Content courtesy:Pooja Shah; Photo courtesy:Expressions club)

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