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Fiesta ki Dhoom……


When you truly sing, you sing yourself free,

When you truly dance, you dance yourself free.

                                                           –        Jay Woodman

Club Fiesta, the Music and Dance Club of IMNU pulled up a great Jam Session that took place on October 8, 2014. A small dance performance was held in the mess at the beginning to catch up the crowd to invite everyone to join the madness. Then the singers of Fiesta showcased their skills with some amazing songs as people gathered in numbers.

It was  really amazing to watch such an outstanding crowd. Out of the hectic schedules, this was the time when people could actually feel relaxed and just enjoy the music. They hummed to the tunes together and then came the much awaited moment of Flashmob. Yes,a FLASH MOB.People stood up in lines, with Fiesta members leading them and showed their skills on the latest numbers.

The exuberance and joy people felt was much visible on the faces of everyone as they danced,sang and enjoyed their heart out.

(Content courtesy:Fiesta club)

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