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Institute Lecture Series: International Trade and International Relations

Mr Jagat Shah – Founder-Mentor – Cluster Pulse, Founder – Global Network, Founder-Trainer – Global Network Institute, Global Network TV, said it was very important to use culture as a bridge between countries to strengthen trade ties at an international level. He was speaking and interacting with students of Institute of Management, Nirma University on 9th October, 2014 as part of the Institute Lecture Series. The talk was on the relationship between International Trade and International Relations.

Mr Jagat Shah 1

He explained the concept through some practical & real life examples of Narendra Modi’s approach to China during his visit to China in Nov 2011 where he was successfully able to get the Indian diamond merchants released by positioning India’s strength of trade vis a vis relations. He also gave example of using culture as a bridge between India & Abu Dhabi to strengthen trade ties with Middle-East.

He narrated some interesting anecdotes of power positioning of India during Narendra Modi’s recent USA visit where Mr Modi used the Indian diaspora’s strength to position India as a trade friendly country. His examples of BRICS bank chairmanship by India is another good example of international relations vis-a-vis trade. He spoke of taking the best from best like the then CM of Gujarat Narendra Modi, requesting Govt of Manitoba to set up Food development Centre in Gujarat because Manitoba’s core strength is in food development & agri processing.

He suggested students to make video CV’s for job placement globally & websites of their student life as an ongoing process. He said that in China, all students have to make websites. These websites are updated by the students with all their academic and extra-curricular activity from time to time. The recruiters go through the website and are able to know the candidate better. Also, the power of the Internet is such that the website can be used to reach international recruiters across countries. He lamented that we, in India, make IT but do not use it. Other countries do not make IT, but they actively use it.

(Content Courtesy: Dhruvin Shah and Jijo George)

(Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti – The Photography Club)

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