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Chehre ki Paathshaala….

William Shakespeare rightly quoted, “All the World’s a stage”. Yet when it comes to delivering on the stage, people find it difficult. They call it the Stage Fear.

Chehre – The Dramatics Club identified this fear among the fellow Nirmayans, and organized a one of its kind workshop by Mr. Abhinay Banker.The event was started by making everyone do a piece of act that they might have performed in future. Seeing the hesitation among the participants, he asked them to narrate a fun story. This was an ice breaker round so that people can open up and mix with each other before the exercise. He made people shout and do various other exercises, indicating the importance of proper breathing while speaking.

Mr. Banker also pointed out the various mistakes that people commit when they walk on the stage. One of them being, awkwardly placing the wrong foot while turning. To correct this, he made everyone sit, lie down, walk and run in various styles.

Then, came the last and the best part, where after a rigorous drill , Mr. Banker asked everyone to lie down with closed eyes. With the lights closed, and soothing music filling the background he urged everyone to think of his dreams and go into different world. After 10-15 minutes, when everyone opened their eyes the calmness, satisfaction and a new enthusiasm could easily be seen. All the participants felt the positivity in themselves as they realized that even 10 minutes of meditation can make one forget all the frustrations.

It was  indeed a wonderful initiative taken by CHEHRE which helped all the participants get close to themselves.

 (Content courtesy:Abhinav Prakash; photo courtesy:

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