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Yet another beginning for a cause…..

Managing Social Projects

Institute of Management, Nirma University organised one day orientation on 26th September, 2014 to kick start its program called Managing Social Projects. The MSP program which is being conducted by IMNU since 15 years, provides students an opportunity to come out of their comfort zone and make a small contribution towards society. The main aim behind the program is to sensitize future managers to larger socio-economic realities. Managing Social Projects involves a field course wherein the students work in teams on a project with either a non-government organisation or with the community directly. Prof. Bindi Mehta,faculty of Entrepreneurship &Strategy Management at IMNU, inaugurated the session with a critical note on our country’s present situation through current demographic statistics.

Post this, the chief guest,Prof.Ganesh Devy, a professor at DA-IICT Gandhinagar addressed the students by stating that the solution of any problem can create a new problem and hence, the solutionshould be chosen wisely.He emphasized that not the mind-set of charity alone, buta strong sense of humility and commitment is actually needed to bring a change in the society.The afternoon session was graced by Miss.Rihanna Rheawala,CEO, SEWA (Self Employed Women’s Association).Shehighlightedtherole of SEWA in women upliftment in India as well as many other SAARC countries. Women of SEWA are today holding key positions like trade representative, creative brand manager, operationmanager, shareholders in trade facilitation centre and also as faculty at learning institutes. Both the guest speakers instilled a very positive impact on the students, who are very excited to embark upon their journey towards contributing to the society.

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