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Counter the strike!!!!!

Zero Ping

Conducted by: Clique Club IMNU

                Clique club of IMNU organized a counter strike LAN gaming tournament during the period of August 6th to 13th 2014 by Clique Club IMNU (IT Club) under the name ‘Zero Ping’. The event was conducted under the guidance of faculty in charge Prof. V.V Nath .The students wanting to participate (both 2nd years and 1st years – MBA-FT and FB) were to form teams from their respective divisions consisting of 5 members each. There was great participation and enthusiasm from the part of students for the event, both Boys and Girls. The difference this year was that we could ensure girls participation as well. Until last year, the event focused only on boys, as there was difficulty in conducting the event with connection through LAN and supervising it in the women’s hostel. This year, hurdle with better hosting, publicity, prize offers and support from woman members helped  in making it possible. Separate event was held for girl parallel to the other where both boys and girls could form teams together. In total 20 teams from boys and 3 teams from girls enrolled and fought for the prizes. The prizes are yet to be distributed.

Winners Boys Tournament

Winners: Blitzkreig – MBA(FT) 2013-2015

Runners Up: F.O.G Jr Sec B

Winners Girls Tournament

Winners: MBA (FT) 2013-2015

 (Content courtesy: Clique club ; Photo courtesy: Clique club)10506643_10152249378879212_7245966988629578530_o

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