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Musical Fiesta……

When you truly sing, you sing yourself free,

When you truly dance, you dance yourself free.

                                                           –        Jay Woodman

Club Fiesta, the Music and Dance Club of IMNU have come up with a great start in the form of their first event i.e. THE MUSICAL HOUSIE which took place on September 2, 2014. This game is one which most of us have played in form of housie or tambola. It has lot to do with your luck. People turn up in huge numbers to test their luck. It was a fun filled event due to such a large crowd gathering. At the very beginning, it was a small jam session that was put up by the music team. Slowly, the event started up. Talking about the event, small tickets were provided to the participants with songs written on it in random fashion. Every time one chit was taken out and the song was sung by the musicians. If that song is present in your ticket, mark that up. This was continued until and unless some conditions were fulfilled. The conditions were completion of first row, second row, third row, first five of songs and two full houses i.e. when your full ticket was done. The crowd enjoyed to the fullest. They hummed with songs whenever they were played. There were fillers in between to make the session more exciting. Anyone could turn up to sing a song or show their dance moves. Also, tunes were played on the keyboard and the crowd had to guess the full song.

Prizes that were given to the participants included pen drive and head phoned for two houses, mugs and chocolate box for the three rows i.e. first, second and third and chocolates for early five.

Hence, the event as promised was entertaining and full of masti and fun!!

(Content courtesy:Fiesta,Photo courtesy:Fiesta)

musical fiesta

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