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Filmy Hai hum…..

Yes we had a real Akhaada in the campus of IMNU,the akhaada for all the filmebaaz.The chehre club of IMNU,held an event,Filmy Akhaada on the 4th of September. By the time registrations were closed on 2nd September 2014 the event had received 39 entries.

The event involved two rounds: ‘Gup Chup Gana’ and ‘Snakes and Ladders-The Akhada’. In the first round the teams had to play dumb charades. Out of the three participants in a team one of them had to mime three songs assigned through a chit-pull system and the other two teammates had to guess the songs. Each team was allotted one minute for this task. The top seven teams to guess the most number of songs in the least amount of time would qualify for the second round.The top seven teams were shortlisted for the second round.

For the second round a large replica of a snakes and ladders game was sketched on the floor just outside the mess. It was a 7×7 game board with 49 squares. From each team one member had to throw the die, the other had to perform a task and the third member was supposed to move on the game board. Like the previous game the task would again be assigned through the chit-pull system. Only when the second member of the team performed the task would the third member move from his position on the board by the number obtained from the die. Movement on the game board was based on the standard Snakes and Ladders game rules. The only twist here was the tasks which were tongue twisters, dumb charades, JAM and other such time based tasks. The top three teams to reach the finishing line or closest to it within an hour would be declared winners.

The winning team-Special 3 were awarded with backpacks, the 1st runner up team-Ek Chutki Sindoor were given pendrives and the 2nd runner up team were awarded coffee mugs.

Overall the event was a huge success and was appreciated by all the participants.


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