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Bollywood Chaska!!!!!

Dialogues and movies are the part of our life. Generally, after a week of busy and hectic schedule, people remain excited to know which movie is released on Friday. Some are big budget movies with powerful star-cast and some are small budget movies. Some do well and set a high benchmark, some don’t do well and nobody comes to know when they came and when they went. Similarly, when we talk about the audience, there are some who don’t watch movies at all, some select wisely to watch the movies, and some have the CHASKA to watch every movie that hits the floor.

To measure this CHASKA among the students of IMNU, Expressions club came up with the event BOLLYWOOD CHASKA. The event was played in 3 rounds. The first round was a crossword round where the teams were tested on their knowledge about the movies, actors, songs etc.

Then came round 2, where they had to play an audio-visual quiz. The quiz had 13 questions, and all of them were intelligently framed to make the competition tricky and interesting. From this round, five teams qualified for the final round, which was a ‘Pictionary’ round. The teams were given chits on which one name of movie, actor etc. was written and one person from team had to draw it to other members of the team.  This round went to a nail biting finish which ended up in a tie between Team Three Idiots and Team MAK. In the tie breaker, another round of Pictionary was played where Team MAK defeated Team Three Idiots.

Nina Muncherji, Faculty IMNU, came in as the chief guest for the event. The excitement and enjoyment was quite evident among the contestants. In between rounds, the trailers of the upcoming movies were also being shown to make the environment FILMY. The contestants reciprocated it by great cheering. Famous dialogues could also be heard from amongst the contestants. Overall, it was a nice event where everyone participated with full enthusiasm.

(Content courtesy:Abhinav Prakash;Photo courtesy:Expressions club)


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