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Marketing is an important business function. Changes occur at a very fast pace and hence it is imperative that the students stay up-to-date with the new industry practices. Keeping this thing in mind, the Institute has initiated a Marketing Conclave called AYATANA – the Sense Sphere, which is held every year, to give an opportunity to the students to interact with and learn from industry practitioners. Conclave is intended to be a platform for idea-generation and stimulation of novel marketing thoughts. This year the proposed theme of the conclave is “Marketing in Practice”. The conclave was held on, 6th September, 2014 at IMNU Auditorium. Satish Kulkarni,VP – Project Sales and Service, Asian Paints commenced the very first interactive session by asking the students the current consumer trends of the market and discussed how with the advent of digital media and increase in spending capacity of the consumers, the marketing strategy has also changed drastically. The next speaker was Mr Atul Garg(Accounts Director – Cogito Consulting) who used two cases – James Bond movie franchise and The Body Shop to make the students understand brand management, urging them to look from “the brand’s perspective”.

The afternoon session, focussed on modern media with first speaker,Mr. Kaushal Bhatt, Head –Marketing and Srategy, Streebo, who specified that digital marketing is simply a different approach to traditional marketing. Now, people are using computers, laptops and Smart phones and it makes better sense for the company to reach the customers through these media rather than advertisements in newspapers and magazines. For a change, we had a lady speaker this time, Ms. Mohita Arora, an independent consultant in the area of marketing. She started asking the students about the most famous viral campaigns and then highlighted the most recent and successful viral campaigns –ALS Ice bucket campaign.

Last but not the least,came the session by Amit Das – Executive VP – 3I InfoTech, who spoke on the trend of data analytics. Data is generated everywhere, in all the small and simple decisions that we take in our daily life. Now, a large proportion of customers are turning online through their smart-phones. Then, Manoj Menon, Group Business Director at IMRB started the ending session by defining the buying behavior of consumer and explained this by giving an example of beverages. He said that consumer’s buying behavior changes in accordance with regions and culture and hence there was a need for segmentation for effective marketing.

(Content Courtesy:Media committee;Photo courtesy:Pratikriti)


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