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PRAYOJAN 2014: The Operations Management Conclave

Institute of Management, Nirma University organized its very first conclave for the year, Prayojan – The Operations Management Conclave with the theme Global Excellence through Innovation. The conclave proved to be a forum of interactive discussion between the students and industry. The inaugural session was addressed by Mr. Kel Kearns –Plant Director, Ford Assembly Plant, Sanand. He started the talk by saying that ‘Technology is the master of the change’ and across his speech, specified how technological innovation is a necessity to survive in an arena where customer’s demands are changing and growing every day. The second address was given by Mr. Sukhendu Patnaik –Head (Business Excellence, Asia Pacific Region), Abott, Mumbai on problem-solving methods. He correctly quoted, that, ‘A problem well-defined is a problem half- solved’. He also discussed about the problem solving techniques which includes 5Ws (what, when, where, who, why) and 1H (how) approach.

              The third address was given by Mr. Yatindra Sharma– MD, KHS Machinery, Ahmedabad. He started by quoting ‘Innovation is the new buzzword of corporate segment’. He specified that to succeed in the manufacturing sector through innovation, India requires an innovative technology along with committed people and a potential to change the business upside down. The fourth session was given by Capt. Sansaar Singh Chaube– GM & Head of Marine Operations, Adani Port, Mundra. He specified that to survive in the coming years of growing competition an innovative frame of mind needs to be developed. The one who is ready to go out of his/her comfort zone will survive.

         The post lunch session was addressed by Dr Rajiv Desai, Sr VP, Alembic Pharma, Vadodara. He spoke about Organizational Excellence through continuous innovation. He addressed the crowd showcasing real life examples of the supply chain in an organization and quoted that ‘Innovation is building right product at the right time’. The next session was addressed by Mr Amit Sharma, Associate VP, Future Retail, Mumbai, on the topic ‘Supply Chain Management in Retail’. He correctly specified that, be it marketing, advertising or sales, growing demand cannot be satisfied without assuring a proper supply chain management. The valedictory session of the conclave was addressed by Mr. Yash Sowale, Business Analytics Expert, Capgemini, Pune. He continued the session by explaining how Big Data is helping in innovation.

As evident it was,the conclave provided a perfect mix of different segments of operation management and how these segments begird the present working and future prospects of an organization.

(Content courtesy:Jijo George;Photo Courtesy:Pratikriti Club)


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