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The Marketing Club of IMNU conducted its first event – Brandwizer, for the current academic year. Chocolate room and Blue Heaven Unisex Saloon were sponsors of the event. There was high enthusiasm seen in the participants and the audience showed up in huge number to cheer their classmates.  Around 261 students registered for the event where they were divided into team of 3 members. The main idea behind organizing the event was to provide platform to participants to showcase their creativity and talent

The first round was named “Brand-O-Cross” where the participants had to solve a crossword of 30 questions within the time limit of 7 minutes. The questions tested the knowledge of Taglines, Brands ambassadors, logos and CEO’s of some well- known companies. Top 14 team were selected for Round 2.In the 2nd Round the Teams were given a product name and were asked to make jingle and tagline for the same with an option to include one of the 5 characters provided by the Niche team. The teams were judged by the senior Niche members on the basis of their guessing the product in 1 min, their creativity and how well were they able to sell and promote their product.

In order to motivate the crowd and promote the event, Niche team provided vouchers to the first 15 entries and the teams qualifying for the second round. “Team bone” won the final round followed by “Team NCNC”. “The marketers” team were given brand recognition award. Overall the event was a huge success for the Niche Club.

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