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Finathon-The Marathon of Finance

On the eve of 21st Aug, 2014 Finesse- the Finance Club of IMNU came up with the event FINATHON.  The best part about the event was that the participants were not told about the details of the event until the last moment. All the participants came to attend the event unaware of the rules and what they were supposed to do. Still it caught a lot of attraction and people participated with high spirits, in the teams of 2-3 persons.

The event was a finance quiz with three rounds. The first round was a Fintakshari round. The contestants were asked to play ANTAKSHRI, wherein they had to name a company, listed in BSE or NSE, starting with the last letter of the name told by the previous team.  This was played for 3 rounds and over 30 teams participated in it. This was a fun round which tested the contestants about their knowledge of companies in various industries. Being an eliminator round, only 8 teams qualified for the next round.

The second round was visual round. This was played in 2 parts. The first part was a picture-connect round. The contestants were shown pictures which they had to relate with and then answer the question. The contestants were tested on their awareness with the financial terms and some well-known personalities. The second part was about identifying the famous personalities who head some major financial institutions in the world. After this round, 6 teams qualified for the final round.

The final round was a rapid fire, and the most competitive one. All the teams were given 60 seconds and had to answer a maximum of 12 questions. The round included a test of current affairs involving questions about repo rate, CPI, WPI and so on. The teams showed a great fight and the event went into a tie-breaker. Finally the team Bulls with Kushagra Jain and Parakh Gupta won the first prize and Team Bulky Bankers having Sangram Dhal and Soham Dutta stood the second runner up.

(Content courtesy:Abhinav Prakash; Photo Courtesy: Finesse Club)



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