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Break the Code

Optimus – The Operations Club conducted its first event for the current academic year – Break The Code. Despite heavy rains around 123 enthusiastic participants took part in the event. The participants were tested on their co-ordination, time-management and analysing skills. The participants divided into teams of 4 or 5 and tied together were given an envelope containing a clue which they needed to “Decode” before proceeding to the next clue. The clues required a bit of solving and their rhyming nature added to the fun of the event. The hidden clues covered almost the entire IMNU campus like the Library, Richter Ground, Pharmacy Canteen, laundry and sports ground.

There was a mad dash inside the campus as the participants frenziedly ran to search their clues throughout the campus and complete the task within the minimum time. Two lifelines in form of “Phone a Friend” was given to the participants in case of any difficulty in finding their clue. After  the announcement of three best performing  teams  a  tie- breaker round  comprising of  a “Maze game” was  organized by Club Optimus  for the selection of 3rd Runner Up. The teams qualifying for this round were those who decoded their clues and reached the destination nearly in the same time.

Team Pentagon emerged as the winner and won a cash prize of 1500.Team Boltz,Team Synchrony and Team Steprzz stood as 1st Runner up, 2nd Runner up and 3rd Runner up respectively.

(Content Courtesy: Shikha Dhasmana; Photo Courtesy: Optimus Club)

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