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Once Upon A Time…

“You take people, you put them on a journey, you give them peril, you find out who they really are.”

                                                                                         – Joss Whedon

Sumantra – The Literary Club of IMNU organized a creative writing event on 13th August, 2014. A total of 38 participants in teams of two participated in the event. The event challenged participants to build a story based on a few initial lines given by the organizing team. But, this was no ordinary story writing event.

Once Upon a Time

The backdrop of the story was set by an initial line given to all participants. The teams then had to write an introductory story based on these lines within the next 15 minutes. Thereafter, the sheets were swapped with other teams and now the team had to continue the story forward based on what the other team had written. Such swaps happened every 10 minutes. A total of 4 swaps were made. At the final swap, the original sheet would be returned back to the team and now the story had to be brought to a conclusion.

The event was enjoyed by one and all. There were moments when a team had simply no clue on how to carry forward a script that had lost its way and few other, where the members were laughing hard at what the previous team had written.

(Content Courtesy: Jijo George; Photo Courtesy: Sabiha Gani)

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