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Workshop: Climate Change and Business Opportunities

“Seek, and you will find” — this adage is applicable for all areas including business opportunities. A surprising, but true, fact is that climate change can present a wide range of opportunities in business. All that one needs is the right attitude to spot and explore such options.

Swayam, the Entrepreneurship Club of IMNU, organized a workshop on “Climate Change and Business Opportunities” on August 11, 2014. The objective of the event was to approach the idea of environment from a cost, revenue and profit perspective to ensure more ‘action in the area’. In the near future, businesses themed on climate change are expected to become a multi-billion dollar industry across the world. High volume of venture capital from ‘green venture funds’ is also flowing into it, in addition to the  existing government and UN support.

This workshop was conducted in collaboration with Gujarat Institute of Competitiveness (GIC). Mr Himanshu Vaidya and Mr Bharat Bhagat from the GIC were the guest speakers for the event. Gujarat Institute of Competitiveness (GIC) is a consultancy agency which provides training and consultancy to the industrialists and entrepreneurs to measure and analyze the costs incurred in relation to sustainable measures towards green business. Such analysis can be done by any business owner by visiting and following the given procedure. It offers exact results and comparative differentiation of the before and after scenarios of adopting green measures.

The guest speakers discussed the concept of mitigation which emphasized on solving the problem scenario and the concept of adoption which stressed on finding solutions and creating new business opportunities. This was a very enriching experience for all the students who attended it.

(Content Courtesy: Anmol Goyal)

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