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Anveshan 2.0

The phrase “Knowledge Is Power” was portrayed efficiently and enthusiastically by the students of batches 2013-15 and 2014-16 during the ANVESHAN 2.0 quiz organized by XquizIT. The event began on 8th August as a virtual round quiz with a record breaking 105 entries of 2 members per team. The online round took place at 00:01 am on 10th August and was of 15 minutes duration.

On the basis of the online round, the top 10 teams were selected for the final round i.e the offline round. The offline round was held on 11th August. Team “Smartinis” consisting of Kevin Simon and Himanshu Ghiya of Jr. Sec-B emerged victorious with the score of 55. But there was a tie for the position of Ist runner’s up which was further resloved by a tie-breaker round. Finally “Aspiring Finders” having Parth Sanghani and Aakash Mishra emerged as the 1st runner’s-up and “Warriors” duo Dheeraj Thaknani and Samkit Shah followed suit. The audience had a field time applauding and cheering the teams of their respective sections and also answering the few unanswered questions.

All-in-all the event ANVESHAN 2.0 designed to promote activity in our brains was a huge success both in terms of participation and the level of knowledge on display.

(Content Courtesy: Atalant Nadkar; Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti – The Photography Club)

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