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Synergism by Imprintz

In order to lead a team efficiently one must first know how a team works and also, what are team dynamics, which means one needs to be a good team player, in order to become a good LEADER. Be it for members of various clubs and committees of IMNU or even in corporate life or being an entrepreneur, one always needs to manage and lead teams. Keeping this in mind, Imprintz- The HR Club at IMNU organized its first event of the current academic year on 11th August, 2014. The event was called ‘Synergism’ which means ‘two or more agents working together to produce a result not obtainable by any of the agents independently’.  The event challenged the participants to form a team with an unacquainted person and work efficiently and most importantly, synchronously.

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Prime motive of first round was to test whether one is able to perform in a team of unacquainted people, for which individual entries were sought and groups (teams of 2 participants) were formed by Imprintz team randomly. There were a total 31 team formed of 2 members each. As a part of first task, legs of team members were tied with a rope and each team was handed a list of 15 items, which they were asked to procure in 12 minutes. Also each team was handed a handbag to collect items. They were given a deadline of twelve minutes and for entries after 12 minutes, for every extra 30 seconds, 1 item was deducted from team’s procured items. Almost every team returned in stipulated time and first 10 teams which brought maximum items qualified for second round.

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Prime motive of second round was to test whether one is able to coordinate and work synchronously with his/her team member even in chaos. So in second round, every team was asked to disburse and stand at some distance apart, forming two queues of 10 members each, all from different teams standing substantially distant. Now one row of 10 members was given a blank sheet and other row was given a sheet with a verse of 4-6 lines, written on it; none of the verse being repeated. Now the members having printed sheets were asked to convey the verses given to them to their team member standing at a distance. The first two teams that completed the exercise were awarded the first and second prizes.

All in all, Synergism was able to inform the participants on the importance of effective communication and synchronization while working in a team. More importantly, all of was informed in a fun way through the medium of games. The event was enjoyed by one and all, including the onlookers.

(Content Courtesy: Kunal Singla, Photo Courtesy: Imprintz – The HR Club)

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