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Slamdunk: Shooting for Glory!!

It is said that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. After all the hard work the senior and junior students had put in the Mid-terms and In-terms respectively,  this was the perfect time to cheer them up with an event and nothing could have been better than Sports. So after the culmination of a successful Ice breaker Tournament to welcome the juniors, SportzzzComm organised Slamdunk – An Inter-Class Basket Ball Tournament. This was the first event organised by the Junior SportzzzComm after receiving the baton from the Senior SportzzzComm.

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The event started on Monday, 4 August, 2014 and the final was played on Thursday 8th August, with over 10 teams participating each from Girls and Boys in the event. It was an action packed event with the whole IMNU seen crowded at the Basketball court in the evenings, cheering their classmates to win and jeering their opponents.

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In the Girl’s League, a nail biting game worth of being called a final was played between Junior Section B and Junior FB. The Junior Section B (Boltz) came out victorious from a Tie-breaker after a 2-2 draw played between the two teams in the allotted time. In the Boy’s League Finale, Vulcans, who won a one-sided Semi-Final, were given a tough fight by Junior Section B (Boltz). The match ended up with a score 19-11 where Vulcans came out victorious.

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The event not only had entertainment but also had some prizes for the audience. During the half time or between two matches, some people from the audience were invited to shoot the ball into the basket and the winners were given some handy gifts. The prizes were distributed to the winners of the tournament at a ceremony on 8th August, 2014. The main feature of the event was the great enthusiasm shown on and off the field by juniors and the brilliant experience and coordination shown by the seniors. The crowd came up with new and innovative slogans in each match to cheer up their team. Throughout the four days loud shouts of these slogans could be heard everywhere in the campus.

(Content Courtesy: Abhinav Prakash; Photo Courtesy: SportzzzComm)

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