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Junk to Jewels by Swayam

Now that all clubs and committees are done with their selection process, it is time to say “Action”.  The Entrepreneurship Club of IMNU – Swayam, organized their first event of the season ‘Junk to Jewels’ with the motive of kindling the creativity of the students.

Junk to Jewels

More than 200 participants divided into teams of 3 turned up to be a part of the event. The main idea of the event was to make a commercial product out of the provided raw material. The raw material comprised of newspaper, cardboard, soft drink bottle crowns, plastic ropes, ice-cream sticks, plastic spoons, etc.

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Each team was given a time of 10 minutes to come up with an idea for a product with the material allotted to them. Once the team announced the idea, they were given an hour to create the product. In this, they were expected to exhibit their innovation and creativity in the design of the product and their managerial skills in managing the time. After this, each team had to present and explain their product to the judge. The event was judged by Mr Ankit Machhar – Associate Program Coordinator at iCreate and Amar Gargesh – Training and Coaching Professional. The team ‘Dark Horse’ were declared as the winner for their product Slipper made primarily out of cardboard and plastic straws. The team Jack & Jill were declared as the 1st runner up with their idea of a product that allows a person to enjoy two different drinks at the same time. Team Recycler were declared as the 2nd runner up with their innovative cap.

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The event was enjoyed by all participants.

(Content Courtesy: Ritika Siddharth, Jijo George)

(Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti – The Photography Club)

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