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Institute Lecture Series: Marketing=Advertising?

The third Institute Lecture for the academic year 2014-15 was delivered by Mr Manoj Jagyasi, Revenue Head of IBN Network on August 9, 2014 on the topic “Marketing=Advertising?”. The session was chaired by Prof Dr Shantanu Mehta.

Mr Jagyasi pointed out the power of advertisement by showing different advertisements and asking the audience for their responses. He linked the theme with anecdotes and his vast experience in the field of advertising. He emphasized that while marketing is managing the perceptions of potential and existing customers, advertising is a tool of marketing that creates awareness and helps persuade the audience to the buy the goods. The avenues of advertising are shifting, yet the scope for expansion is huge. India has around 800 channels with another 100 in the process of approval. On the other hand, China has around 4200 channels. This shows the scope of advertisement to different audience. Any advertising campaign is backed by a lot of market research and it takes months of planning before a campaign sees the light of the day. It is very important that the advertisement be supported by a good product. Advertisement can only bring the customer to the product, the loyalty is defined by the product experience.

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The lecture ended with an interactive Q&A session. On being asked on how companies dealt with the “Skip Ad” button on YouTube, Mr Jagyasi pointed out a Horlicks campaign that lasts just 10 seconds, delivering the message even before the user presses the button. This means that the customers would always try to avoid advertisements and it is up to the companies to find out innovative solutions to overcome this barrier and create a space for their products in the customers’ minds.

(Content Courtesy: Ritika Siddharth, Jijo George)

(Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti – The Photography Club)

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