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Institute Lecture Series: Technology Transforming Business

The second Institute Lecture for the academic year 2014-15 was delivered by Mr.Jyotil Mankad – General Manager at Tata Communications and an alumnus of the Institute from the 1998-2000 batch on the topic “Technology: Transforming Business” on August 8, 2014. The lecture focused on the six major trends that were defining the way businesses were run. Mr. Mankad gave an exhaustive set of necessary data defining the changing trends in today’s business world in a very lucent and jocular way. Particularizing on the six transforming trends, he explained the way the business arena has been transforming and would continue to do so in the future.

Mr Jyothil Mankad addressing the audience
Mr Jyothil Mankad addressing the audience

The first trend specified, being Internet. As a consequence of the enormous number of internet users (3 billion worldwide), an aspect of viewing internet as a market was brought up. Throwing light on recent internet oriented episodes of Facebook’s WhatsApp acquisition and the Amazon – Flipkart war, he exemplified how world is taking a turn online. The second in the list, stood the mobility devices and how their increasing growth has, to say in his words, “shot to the roof”, the demand and popularity of internet and e-commerce. The third trend was the upcoming and exponentially growing traffic of videos on internet. He also highlighted that by 2018, around 79% of world’s business and consumer traffic would be in the form of videos. The E-commerce market has been showing a rarely observed growth of 88% per year since 2007.The next and the most recent trend is in the field of computing. It was delighting to know how an experiment by employees of Amazon – creating virtual servers – turned out to be a potential for $70 billion business by becoming the cloud business. Last trend in the list was the one on which future relies, Internet of things, wherein we would have not only smart phones, but also smart beds, doors, chairs and what not.

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In addition to the knowledge of changing times, Mr. Mankad gave a talk on the direction that the students, the corporate of the future, should take and act. He said that ”ATTITUDE decides the WINNERS” and it was very important for the students to grasp this fact and mould themselves accordingly. The session was chaired by Prof Satish Nair. Prof Nair noted the fine points of the presentation by Mr Mankad and expressed that students should also look at these points to improve their presentation skills.

(Content Courtesy: Namrata Bajaj, Jijo George)

(Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti – The Photography Club)

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